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Wave Organ

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Wave Organ — туристическая достопримечательность, расположенная в городе Сан-Франциско, США.

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Советы и подсказки
16 августа 2011
Did you know the Wave Organ is an Exploratorium exhibit? Completed by two artists in 1986, it includes 25 organ pipes! Come at high tide when the Wave Organ sounds best. Read more below for more info.
Patience S
5 августа 2015
It gets pretty windy, so bring a jacket.
19 октября 2011
Come at high tide or on a full moon, and you too might hear sounds of the Flying Dutchman trying to send messages to port.
Mark Brenneman
15 августа 2011
Go when it is high tide for a great tune!
18 января 2011
A really romantic spot to sit and listen to & watch the waves crashing.
9 ноября 2010
Being here on a high tide is definitely a must-do, but even when it's not, it's an absolutely beautiful and relatively unknown spot to tourists and locals alike, especially on a nice clear day.
E Jacob Lindstrom
30 июня 2010
High Tide Times:
Đorđe Gligorijević
12 июня 2016
Make sure you visit during tide (no wave concert otherwise) !
Dan Mondragón Somera
2 мая 2016
You need to enter through the parking lot and surround the bay in order to get there. Didn't hear anything, but it's a nice place to eat lunch and enjoy the view 😅
Jess L
15 марта 2016
Fun for kids to climb over. Come at high tide otherwise you miss the show.
Danilo Crnogorac [SU7]
5 июня 2015
Adrian Chen
21 мая 2015
Really cool lookout point! Go during high tide to get the best effect.
The Ritz-Carlton
4 ноября 2014
Visit the other-worldly Wave Organ, located on a jetty at the small Boat Harbor in the Marina district of San Francisco. Through a series of pipes, visitors can listen to the sounds of the Bay.
Rita L
25 октября 2014
A 10 minute walk from the parking lot, walk all the way you the end and you'll see it! Doesn't make much sound when it's not high tide...
George Hayes
18 августа 2014
Try to go during hightide.
Alyssa Foote
20 июля 2014
My favorite place to chill out in the city. Walk or ride your bike here and enjoy the gorgeous 360 views of the San Francisco Bay.
Darren Naude
17 декабря 2013
Great view but the organ sucks. Doesn't really work at all.
Mishell Paulino
5 июня 2013
Don't park in the parking lot closest to the yacht club - it floods @ high tide. Walk all the way to the end of the peninsula past the club to get here.
Jesse Casman
24 мая 2012
Basically always breezy. Take a windbreaker or a good coat. Totally great spot for checking out Fourth of July fireworks or watching the Blue Angels during Fleet Week.
22 апреля 2012
This place is awwwesome. Check it out when the tide is coming in.
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