Public Garden (Boston)
Public Garden (Boston) — © Mark Riesenbeck / 500px
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Public Garden (Boston) — туристическая достопримечательность, расположенная в городе Бостон, США.

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Советы и подсказки

ESPN 23 октября 2013
When the Red Sox are playing in the World Series, the "Make Way for Ducklings" statues are as excited as anyone in Beantown.
Team Coco
Team Coco 10 ноября 2011
"Since being established by Horace Gray in 1837, the Boston Public Garden has had a strict "No Nudity" policy. Trust me." - Conan O'Brien
Marc Jacobs Intl
Marc Jacobs Intl 6 мая 2010
On your way to the Swan Boats in Boston Public Garden, be sure to pass by the home of the first same sex marriage in the nation, the Arlington St. Church.
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 9 мая 2009
Go to Boston Public Gardens and enjoy the earnest tulips.
IWalked Audio Tours
IWalked Audio Tours 28 сентября 2011
1st public garden in US. Created in 1837 when former Supreme Court Justice Horace Grant donated his camillia collection. Designed by George Meacham who won $100 for efforts. More info via blog.
Jessica Hasenplaugh
Jessica Hasenplaugh 10 августа 2010
It's like a fairy tale. I love that I get to walk through it every day
Gillian Barbieri
Gillian Barbieri 15 апреля 2010
Sit on the benches by the pond during the day with a good book. And enjoy a lovely picnic at night with some hot tea. The public garden is truly one of the most beautiful places in Boston.
Christine Varriale
Christine Varriale 30 июля 2013
Don't be the jerk who rides their bike through here.
Josh Pavano
Josh Pavano 18 июня 2013
They say not to feed the ducks, but let's get real it's the cheapest way to make a whole lot of friends. All it takes is one loaf bread and you are God for an hour. Enjoy!
Linda Rose
Linda Rose 19 апреля 2012
Count the squirrels!
David Mikel 😜😎
David Mikel 😜😎 24 марта 2013
Ok ready 2leave
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 14 января 2012
It's pretty beautiful on a winter's night, lit up with holiday lights.
Ailyn 14 июля 2010
My favorite park in the world! It's beautiful, specially in Spring. A can't miss while in Boston
Bill Wendel
Bill Wendel 10 февраля 2010
The Make Way for Ducklings statues are a MUST stop for parents & toddlers visiting Boston!
Bridesign Wedding Flowers
Bridesign Wedding Flowers 2 ноября 2012
We know of some couples who have tied the knot here. Definitely a beautiful venue! Contact us for wedding flowers delivered to your doorstep!
Anthony 3 января 2012
Bring your significant other.....come for a nice walk together.
Emily Yeager
Emily Yeager 12 сентября 2011
The park benches next to the pond are excellent for people watching and reading a good book on a Saturday afternoon.
NYIP 22 июня 2011
Use a wide angle lens or panorama feature of your camera and a small aperture such as f/16 to capture the dramatic vistas around the Lagoon. Take photos of the Swan boats and suspension bridge too!
Corey Pinkos
Corey Pinkos 13 июня 2011
Go take a look at Washington wearing his Bruins jersey
Image Unlimited Comm
Image Unlimited Comm 8 сентября 2010
During the summer the nearby beacon hill hotel and bistro offers blankets and picnic baskets!
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