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Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

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Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial — туристическая достопримечательность, расположенная в городе Colleville, Франция.

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Matt Velasco
23 апреля 2011
Take the opportunity to walk the beach while you're there!
Jetset Extra
5 июня 2013
There are thousands of unknown stories resting beneath the 9,387 tombstones of American military dead who lost their lives on D-Day and the days after.
Transatlantic Blonde
5 июля 2012
All the headstones line up perfectly whether you are looking horizontally, vertically or cross wise
Walter Barry
5 августа 2011
If you're American, ask the US onsite manager if your children can participate in the 5:15 pm changing of the flags. A real honor.
Yves Le Calvez
30 августа 2010
No dogs allowed
Thomas Caryn
17 августа 2013
You can find the Private Ryan's brothers on: Square "F" - Line 15 - Cross 11 & 12. Their real names are Preston & Robert NILAND (and not RYAN).
Matt Rosenberg
15 апреля 2013
TAPS is played daily @ 1630. A humbling experience for any human to take in. It's hard not to walk these hallowed grounds and get teary eyed. Visit an unknown and give his gravestone a hug.
Karel Nijs
6 апреля 2013
Impressive and superclean cemetery. American security is overacted though. Nice view on beaches. Bring warm clothes because of heavy winds.
David K.
26 июля 2012
Leave plenty of time this part of your trip to Normandy. The Memorial is outstanding, and you'll want to enjoy every bit of it.
Juha 3000
1 октября 2015
Watch out for the sprinklers!
Felipe Prieto
19 февраля 2014
without words, you can try to imagine how was this massacre but you can't... you can find the memorial of 2 sons of president Roosevelt and the famous time capsule in the end of the road at left hand.
Charles Fineberg
2 августа 2013
9,387 dead from WWII, 1 dead from WWI (the 2nd Roosevelt's brother). Details like that from Eva Ruttger's tour!
30 июля 2013
Seriously impressive.
22 августа 2011
Thanks for your lives than bring us Freedom !
17 декабря 2015
D-Day Museum. Free parking. Bring the kids n teach them something about sacrifice n duty.
Cees Pille
26 июля 2015
Impressive cemetery! My deepest respect for those brave men who gave their lives for our freedom. The view on Omaha beach is beautiful.
Lilou Magis
30 мая 2013
Juste de l'émotion pure....
Romain Da Costa
31 марта 2013
Très bel endroit chargé d'émotions... Lieu de passage obligé si visite de la région. A montrer un jeunes générations. Attention, fermeture à 17h.
Olivier Coredo
3 сентября 2011
Un lieu chargé d'histoire
Max Pesciarolo
15 августа 2015
Bellissimo e molto toccante. Da vedere assolutamente.

В 0.6км от Route du Capitain Joe Dawson, 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, Франция

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