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The sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos, Ancient Dion — Following Hadrian

A sacred way, lined with columns topped by marble eagles, led to the sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos, Dominating the middle of the spacious square of the precinct (temenos) is the temple, which was surrounded by stoas with rooms for the needs of the sanctuary. In front of the temple are the altar and the stone block at which the animalsfor sacrifice were tied. The temple of Zeus Hypsistos comprises of one hall (cella) surrounded by flank columns (pteron). On the floor are mosaic representations of: a white bull and a double axe, in the pteron, and panels with depictions of crows, in the cella. On the north wall of the cella is the built base of the cult statue, which was found fallen beside it. A marble eagle with oustretched wings and head turned towards the god was placed inside the temple. The statue of Zeus Hypsistos, a well-sculptured work of Imperial times, has survived almost intact. The god is represented seated on a throne, crowned with a pediment. In his right hand he holds the thunderbolt, while in the raised left he held the scepter. The iconographic type of the statue harks back to the famous gold and ivory statue by Pheidias, which stoot in the sanctuary of Olympia. In all probability, a statue of Hera found built into the north wall of the fortification, stood on the same pedestral as the statue of Zeus. Among the finds from the excavations are the characteristic votive offerings associated with the cult of Zeus Hypsisos, marble eagles of Hellenistic and Roman times and inscriptions that give significant information on the rites and the sacred association of devotees of the god.
Temple of Zeus Hypsistos — туристическая достопримечательность, одна из Археологические объекты в городе Karahta, Сирия. Он расположен: 55 км от Дамаск, 306 км от Бейрут, 494 км от Амман. Читать далее
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