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Sgt. Tamekia Henderson, (right) a native of Euclid, Ohio, is congratulated by Maj. Mike Indovina, a native of Parma, Ohio, after reenlisting in the U.S. Army for an additional four years April 15 at the Hands of Victory in Baghdad’s Zawra Park. Henderson serves as a military police Soldier with 164th Military Police Company, 18th Military Police Brigade, Multi-National Division – Baghdad. Indovina also serves with the 18th MP Bde. The Swords of Qādisīyah, also called the Hands of Victory, are a pair of triumphal arches in central Baghdad, Iraq. Each arch consists of a pair of hands holding crossed swords. The two arches mark the entrances to a parade-ground constructed to commemorate former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's declaration of victory over Iran in the Iran-Iraq war. Many Soldiers take the opportunity to reenlist at the sight because of its unique design. (photo by Master Sgt. Timothy Gilmore, 18th MP Bde. PAO, MND-B)
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