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Palmyra XXIX: Around the Temple of Baal-Shamin. — Egisto Sani

The Temple, located in the northern part of the city, consists of a number a courtyards dominated by a small, but well preserved and reconstructed “cella”, built in the best Roman architectural tradition with a Corinthian “pronaos”. The peripheral position respect the ancient center of Palmyra might be explained by supposing that the devotees of Baal Shamin settled at Palmyra after other ethnic groups. They are believed to have arrived with their gods at the oasis in the late Hellenistic period. In the latter time the temple was probably turned into a Christian church. Dedicatory inscriptions celebrating the construction of altars, columns and courtyards which surrounded the temple date from 23 AD to 106 AD. Many adjustments has been made since then and kept improving till the 3rd century AD under the rule of Othenadus The Temple of Baal Shamin, as we can see it now, was built shortly after the visit made by Emperor Hadrian to Palmyra in 129 AD. In a bilingual inscription from the reign of Hadrian, dated to AD 132, the temple of Baal-Shamin is listed as one of the respective sanctuaries of the “for tribes of the city”. The temple court, in he form of a rectangular enclosure probably dates fron the 30s or 40s AD, and in AD 67 the construction of porticos of the great court took place.
Great Colonnade at Palmyra (العربية: كولوناد تدمر الكبير) — туристическая достопримечательность, одна из Археологические объекты в городе Пальмира, Сирия. Он расположен: 630 км от Халеб, 650 км от Дамаск, 800 км от Бейрут. Читать далее
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